Mission, Vision & Values

The MAIA Foundation, Making an Impact All-Together is a Jamaican not-for-profit organization actively working to accelerate collaboration, know-how, and community building in Jamaica through pioneering medical work in the community with a laser focus on the health and wellbeing of Jamaica’s children, sustainability and social responsibility programs designed to shape today’s young minds into tomorrow’s thought-leaders. We also encourage everyday citizens to act as catalysts for change within their spheres of influence.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of an engaged people who feel inspired to actualize their potential. We see a sustainable Jamaica where all people live mindfully and lead happy, healthy and productive lives – fully aware of their ability to influence their communities and the environment.

Our Mission

We promote social responsibility through educational activities focused on sustainability and healthy living, always with the environment in mind. Through partnerships with employees, growers and civil society, we leverage our knowledge and technologies to design programs that enrich the lives and livelihoods of individuals, their families and communities. We will advance sustainability and accelerate growth in Jamaica by investing in our children.

Our Team

Founder – Marvin Campbell

Marvin H. Campbell is chairman and founder of the MAIA Foundation, Making An Impact All-Together, a newly formed not-for-profit organization that is shaping today’s young minds into tomorrow’s thought-leaders. Most of his success can be traced back to his German and Jamaican upbringing, which is the reason for his necessity of structure, self-discipline and the ability to execute precisely. Mr. Campbell always had great interest in all forms of strategy, distilling complex business matters into simple, actionable items which yield the best results gives him true pleasure.

Marvin exhibited entrepreneurial ambitions at a young age. He started out as a young help on his uncles farm at the age of seven, at the age of 17 he worked 3 Jobs and while attending University in London, he taught German to English speaking school aged children and volunteered his time rebuilding Caribbean communities in London, by the age 22, he had sold his online career platform, karriereundich.de. Constantly seen as the consummate “overchiever” he credits this to having worked and lived all over the world. His passion for service extended upon his return to Jamaica where he started as the Sargent at Arms as charter member at the Rotary Club of Rose Hall, Montego Bay.

With an MBA (International Management) University of London University, he continues to share his international experience in Jamaica. He is a technical advisor to the Ministry of Industry Commerce Agriculture and Fisheries in Jamaica. He provides expert knowledge on aquaponics farming, permaculture, hydroponic fodder, technology-driven farming, business module optimization that will enable not only small and medium scale farmers to thrive, but also insulate the agricultural industry at large from the vulnerabilities associated with climate change. Today, he is known as a visionary strategist.

Executive Director – Dr David Lambert-Brown

Dr David Lambert-Brown is an expert in the Medical and Health sector with over 30 years of experience. He has spent most of his career dedicated to improving children’s vitality and family’s health.

Dr Lambert-Brown was born in Cuba with a keen interest in the medical field, which was sparked at age nine when he was first admitted to a hospital for a surgical procedure. Other children might have been scared to walk the halls, let alone gear up to receive medical treatment. But not him, it was at that time, he made the conscious decision that he would grace the halls again in the future, by doing rounds himself as a doctor. Dr. Lambert-Brown started his career in Cuba after graduating from the University of Medical Sciences, Havana, Cuba in 1991. He migrated to Jamaica in 1993 and practiced at St Ann’s Bay Hospital, St Ann, Jamaica from 1993 – 1996. In 1996, he was given supervisory responsibility for Health Centers, in the North Coast Region of Jamaica. He left public service in 1999 to launch the Family Care Medical Centre and ExCELab. Co. Ltd in both Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Jamaica serving as the company’s Manager Director & CEO.

He is the foremost expert medical advisor and physician serving the majority of hotels on the north coast. He has been accredited by numerous underwriters in Jamaica and enjoys a flawless reputation. Dr. Lambert-Brown has joined the MAIA Foundation to extend his corporate social responsibility to young children and adolescence in communities with low socioeconomic status and to act as an advisor in health questions and concerns that beneficiaries may have.  Making an Impact is extremely important to Dr. Lambert-Brown. He’s a member of the Affiliated International Physician to South Miami Hospital, Medical Association of Jamaica, Association of General Practitioners of Jamaica, Caribbean College of Family Physicians and WONCA.

Program Director – Jodi-Ann McFarlane

A fearlessly poignant woman who enamors everyone she encounters with her feminine charm and her ability to express herself smoothly and gracefully. Jodi-Ann McFarlane is the Director of Organizational Development and Performance Management at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in psychology.
Before her tenure at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Jodi-Ann was a Management Consultant with the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. She also is passionate about women in leadership and holistic suitable living.

Adopting the motto “Making An Impact All-Together”, Jodi-Ann has committed her life to being of service to those around her. Her passion for people and curiosity about life has manifested in her professional, volunteer and personal life. Her decision to join the MAIA Foundation is one such choice. She is a selfless being who is happiest when she is making others happy. She is driven by the desire to create opportunities, engage with people and have those around her be the best version of themselves. Jodi-Ann is excited to lead the interesting and innovative projects for the MAIA Foundation.

Next Steps…

Let’s Make An Impact All-Together