For many children around the world, the difference between life and death comes down to access to basic healthcare. We want our children to survive preventable diseases. We want all mothers and newborns to have access to proper care before, during and after birth. Working through hospitals, community health centres and other health facilities, we can reduce preventable illness and death and improve overall individual and family health at the community level. This clinic-to-community model links treatment services to disease prevention and health education. 

Our current focus is on providing community health centres with essential medical equipment and supplies, encouraging better nutrition and care practices within families, and supporting health workers and midwives through training and mentoring.

Our M.A.D “Make A Difference” Community Outreach Program will invest in addressing children and their families’ access healthcare and break down the barriers to health created by income inequality. We will also focus on the huge impact clean water and good sanitation can have on the health of a community.


At Making An Impact All-Together we are M.A.D “Make A Difference” about knowledge, training and education. Through the concept of – LEAD, TEACH & CHANGE, we are establishing the MAD Community Outreach Program that will assist all our beneficiaries and partners. Our Love for nurturing growing minds is uncandid. We therefore hope to catch them young! We work with children between the ages of 6 – 18 years to give a MAD, fun and unforgettable experience. Our practice of learning strives to develop our beneficiaries’ social intelligence, academic mastery and critical thinking skills in an integrated a holistic manner. The cultivation of our beneficiaries’ sense of community, citizenship and resourcefulness is a central focus. Our methodology sets us apart and goes beyond teaching the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy but nurtures the growing mind and sensitizes them to health, wellness and the needs of our community. Our MAD Ambassadors are well rounded, adaptable thinkers, collaborative problem solvers and innovative tolerant citizens who support our cause of Making and Impact All-Together.

Environmental Sustainability

The state of the natural environment in Jamaica constantly dilapidating. We at Making An Impact All-Together want to help to educate and implement through adequate measures to assist the country, it’s people and our planet.

Life on Terra/Earth is well adapted to our planet’s cycles. In our solar system, Earth is the only planet with air to breathe, liquid water to drink, and temperatures that are just right for life as we know it. Humanities existence depends on our planet and its climate, we need to understand how what we do affects our Earth. Without these cycles, it would be impossible for civilization to exist and if we continue to disturb the planet’s cycles, mankind suffers the resulting consequences. The natural balance of the environment has been greatly affected by human ignorance, advancement in technology, exponential population growth across the globe as well as demand for cheaper goods and raw materials. These effects cause a great imbalance in the plant’s cycles which as a result case global warming air, water and land pollution, and has increased the spread of deadly diseases to humans, animals and even plants. These consequences have left a lot of living species threatened with extinction and even soils rendered infertile and unable to sustain life on them.

Since there is only one Terra/Earth that is demand and fit for human living, no one is exempted from the devastating consequences of environmental pollution, Making An Impact All-Together sees it as collective responsibility to encourage every individual to save the Earth.

Reducing Biodegradable’s (Food Waste, Paper and Cardboard)

Sadly Jamaican entities and business waste millions of pounds of food each year, it’s shocking. Globally about one third of food produced is wasted, most of which could have been eaten, according to research by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Program).

Sending biodegradable waste to the dumpsite is not only wasteful and expensive, but the food waste also provides a food source for rats and rodents.  Once food waste is in the dumps, it breaks down and emits greenhouse gases, including not only carbon dioxide (CO2) but methane (CH4) – a gas 30 times more potent than CO2. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas which, molecule for molecule, traps 25 times more of the sun’s heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2).

We at Making An Impact All-Together have a better way to dispose of the biodegradable waste, by simply composting it, which produces rich fertile compost for the gardens, flower beds and your fruit trees. Composting has always been a good way of recycling paper, cardboard and uncooked kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds. We mix all bio-degradables together, the food waste in with ordinary compost yard debris, paper, cardboard and old leaves to ensure that as little biodegradable waste as possible reach the landfill.

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