For many children around the world, the difference between life and death comes down to access to basic healthcare. We want our children to survive preventable diseases. We want all mothers and newborns to have access to proper care before, during and after birth. Working through hospitals, community health centres and other health facilities, we can reduce preventable illness and death and improve overall individual and family health at the community level. This clinic-to-community model links treatment services to disease prevention and health education. 

Our current focus is on providing community health centres with essential medical equipment and supplies, encouraging better nutrition and care practices within families, and supporting health workers and midwives through training and mentoring.

Our M.A.D “Make A Difference” Community Outreach Program will invest in addressing children and their families’ access healthcare and break down the barriers to health created by income inequality. We will also focus on the huge impact clean water and good sanitation can have on the health of a community.